Saturday, November 15, 2008

~mencintai ilmu;cinta ke ni?~


from the very beginning of this day,I've been wondering why I can't just
absorb things that I have studied in the glimpse of eyes?are there too many sins I've been done since I can't even digest simpler facts about dimensions in material balance;acquiring an understanding bout them seems to be ages.not to mention my mind rejecting them from the very first slides that I browse through.sigh.Astaghfirullah..burden of sins have incline in number,if there's a way to calculate them..(can't say if,dear self..tend to forgot)

yup,each of us isn't perfect but practice do makes perfect in the sense of calibrating ourselves towards insan kamil(not exactly perfect) ..hanya Baginda sahaja insan kamil di dunia ini but we can't simply make excuses -everybody isn't perfect,so why bother practice?~hahah,so funny..please re-do your mindstorming by means of Al-Furqan for example instead of making this tickles-me-to-death headlines dear..

reading but not studying..not similar to History (during SPM)..having a barrier constrained my mind to do its storming thing..huhu

reminder:from the words of beloved Prophet (pbuh),jika ingin berjaye di dunia hendaklah kamu BERILMU.jika ingin berjaye di akhirat hendaklah kamu BERILMU.dan barangsiapa ingin berjaye di kedua2nye,hendaklah kamu BERILMU.

a familiar figure popped up in my brain as I jotting down my words;tumi,I miss u a lot!just like the saying,absence makes our heart grow fonder.undeniable..

tumi:sahabat yang sgt mencintai ilmu.all-rounded students yang saye
kagumi.berfikiran kritis n kreatif ttg sume lapangan ilmu.moge
sejahtera di Imperial College,London bersame teman2 seperjuangan.
May Allah showered you with His Blessings..


teringat tibe2 nape x wat solat sunat 2 rakaat asking for Guidance?as His Knowledge far beyond the extremely large quantity of water;unaffordable (tambahlah air banyak manepun)to write all His Words of Knowledge if being used as ink.sigh=(

"Ya Allah,campakkanlah cinta itu dalam hatiku sebagaimana Kau campakkan ke dalam hati para Auliya' .bukakanlah semua pintu2 kefahaman untukku agar aku bisa mendekat pada-Mu dengan berjihad menuntut ilmu"amiin.

~Allahumma faqqihna fiddin~
p/s:a bucket of thx to asmak n the gang as always keeping me company,having nasi lemak at penghulu cantik;x puas mkn cococrunch as breakfst hari sabtu=)