Friday, July 3, 2009

Habitual Way of Human Being

Al-Ahzab [72] (Ingatlah) sesungguhnya tabiat kebanyakan manusia adalah suka melakukan kezaliman dan suka pula membuat perkara-perkara yang tidak patut dikerjakan..

Lots of responsibilities yet here I am still wondering am I doing them or haven't I did this and that?

And I jump to this conclusion:none,not enough,lots of things to be calibrated back,have to redeem myself etc..

How come did these words blurted out from my very own mouth saying,I dah struggle giler2 nih but then none solid evidence had I found.

Even though my friends said,I was the one who seemed to 'study' yet I think those words are overrated.

Jom,menuju ke PUNCAK,GEMILANG TERBILANG,IMAN di dada MENGIRING langkah!!yeayy,aim and strive!!