Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coz I Already Knew

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful..

Because I do know..

I cried as my heart wanted to burst open..

I shed a lot of tears as I do know..

I feel like my heart is going to explode..

Coz I know..

And He did open all His Door for me..

Enable me to understand..

Why it is compulsory for me..

For us..

To be in His Path..

I cried till my friend heard and IM me..

Whether I heard someone's crying..

About 10 minutes later did I reply to her..

As if I was not the one..

I knew the answer..

But still I'm afraid of being in a wrong path..

Ya Allah I'm afraid of this world..

Full of fools like me..

Cheated by the devils..

I knew it already..

Yet I cried..

As if it won't stop..

Is this the answer to my question?..

I don't want to be left behind..

I want to meet You..

But before that..

I wonder..

If for any guy am I not qualified to be with..

Am I qualified to be with You?..

At least to meet You..

Am I??..

Tears kept rolling down my cheek..

As if it was raining here..

That sentence which blurted from my very own heart..

Kept ringing in my head..

I completely understood why it is compulsory for me..

I need to decide..

I have came across the BRIDGE,havent I?..

And as the saying goes..

Cross the BRIDGE once you've came across it..

Is this the right time??..

What about Father and Mother??..

Do I have to tell them??..

Both of them are the reservoir..

Created by Allah..

Source of blessing from Allah..

I love everyone..

I will not enter His House without others..

Lets go with me dearies..

All of us have that particular potentials..

They are a gift from The Most Gracious..

How could you differentiate us with academical performance??..

Is that a guarantee?

To enter His Jannah..

He had said that..

We are all the same..

What differs us is our taqwa..

Do not judge others dearies..

Allah certainly has unique ways to show His love to us..

Islam itu kan syumul..

That's what I learnt and know..

And I want to stick to it..

If I went wrong..

Please anyone,give me 2,3 slap on my face..

So that I know..

My pride is nothing..

If Islam is not in me........

noralina (22:36): sume org tuh adlh khalifah..tugas dakwah tuh plak wajib sume org bwk wpon msih x ckp ilmu..akhir zmn nnt islam kn kmbali gemilang so kene adda satu jemaah islam y memrintah
noralina (22:36): usrah dn halaqah tuh plak nadi seorang muslim

Ya Allah,moga dalam setiap degupan jantungku ini,diiringi nama-Mu ya Ilahi Rabbi..

Insan Kerdil

Alhamdulillah,arrived here in Sheffield safe and sound =)..Alhamdulillah,I came here with a feeling of performing my duty not as an excellent student getting excited of going abroad as a result of her result.

Nothing to be proud of..as I and my friends knew the truth that lied behind this..

Alhamdulillah,5 years of staying at boarding school as well as approximately 1 year in unikl,I came here tough and strong..

With a lot of responsibility...

With a lot of things in mind..

With a mixed-up feelings..

Of not being able to carry out my RESPONSIBILITY..

But I want to practice WALK THE TALK..

Oo Allah,strengthen my heart in ur path..

As I am nobody..

Nothing in me to boast of..

Please subtle my heart..

"Bukankah telah Kami lapangkan dadamu?"

Lapangkan dadaku ya Rabbi...


Seluas saujana mata memandang..

"Seorang mukmin itu suka apa yang disukainya untuk saudaranya"

Aku ingin sehebat Usamah,Mus'ab,Thoriq..

Aku akan berusaha..

Sehabis baik..

Jauhkan aku dari mereka yang menjauhkan aku dari-Mu..

Kerana lemahnya imanku..

Tak terdaya menepis godaan duniawi..

Jadikanlah aku seperti Yusuf a.s..

Yang betah memilih penjara dari tergadai imannya...