Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dia Melihat Usaha,Hasil Itu Kemudian..

Last Saturday(10 Jan. 2009),I’ve been to Rapat Umum Selamatkan Gaza in Stadium Melawati,Shah Alam.Even though I was kind of exhausted due to some shopping in Dataran Pahlawan the previous day,I was excited and in full spirit to be there.

My spirit kind of soar up when kak Nabihah played quite a list of inspired nasyeed in her car’s cd player.I can’t wait to be there to tell the Palestinians that I supported them,that I wanted them to hang in there that they are the chosen ones..

I came there under ISMA(Melaka) which stands for Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia,with each of our nuqaba’ wore their vest mentioning that they were ISMA’s,their position as naqib and naqibah.We drove along from Petronas station in Seremban straight to Stadium Melawati,Shah Alam..
My heart throbbing excitedly as there were many vehicles at the parking lot meaning that they were a lot of people out there still concerned about this issue irrespective of whether they were Muslims or not.

We(Azra,kak Ima,my naqibah kak Affizah and kak Nabihah)were sitting on the floor as to taking the challenge from some volunteer I believed whom said ‘siapa yang muda2 lagi tuh tolong duduk kat bawah’..I managed to be the one who sat at the very first row=)..alhamdulillah

The ceremony started as we were told at 10 am and these were the speaker of the day:
1. Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa,PAS
2. Sdr Yusri,ABIM
3. Sdr Abdullah Zaik,ISMA
4. Sdr Mustafa Kamil Ayub,PKR
5. Ahli Parlimen Pangkor,BN
6. Wakil Aman Palestin dan ramai lagi

KHAIBAR2,KHAIBAR YA YAHUD..JAISYU MUHAMMAD SAUFA YA’UD..this were the words that we used to shout at the top of our lungs during this RAPAT UMUM..

Yup,tentera Muhammad pasti akan datang untuk menumpaskan rejim Zionis yang bermaharajalela di bumi Palestin..the time will come,just wait and see!let’s pray that we’ll be one of Prophet’s(pbuh) army..
I kind of agree with Sdr Yusri,ABIM’s president when he stated that this RAPAT UMUM wasn’t a place to throw out our anger towards Zionis but as our prayer to Allah to save Gaza from their hands..a very meaningful statement to ponder..

And alhamdulillah,about 10000 people were attending the RAPAT UMUM..way to go to Muadz and Algebra for their inspiring performance especially the song ‘Amrullah sang by is actually a hadith from Riwayat Ahmad..and the atmosphere suddenly went silent as Imam Besar Masjid Shah Alam was reciting the prayer as his manly voice kind of having sorethroat as he was weeping during the prayer..tears rolled down like there were raining cats and dogs..

This are the lyrics for the song of ‘Amrullah(salah satu Hadis 40):
Maksud hadis: Akan sentiasa ada wujud sekumpulan dari umatku yang terus menegakkan kebenaran dan tegas mendepani musuh. Tidak memudaratkan perjuangan mereka walau dipinggirkan dan dirintangi kesusahan kecuali ujian (Ilahi) sehinggalah datang ketentuan Allah. Mereka akan tetap sedemikian. Sahabat bertanya “Di mana mereka itu?” Baginda menjawab “Mereka berada di Baitul Maqdis dan di kawasan sekitarnya”

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