Friday, March 20, 2009

Dakwah & Dakyah:Two Different Things

Assalamualaikum my friends,
I would like to share with you the sadness my husband and I encounter on Friday,7th December.We received an envelope,handwritten with my husband's name on it posted to us.In the envelope contained a very small book.At first glance,the book entitled 'Who is Allah',looked very innocent,we thought it was from the mosque or some Muslim organizations.The content of the book is a comic .Finding the approach was very interesting,my hubby started reading that book.However,to his surprise,it was deliberately written to spoil the image of Allah.The book was written with the intention to state that Allah is a fraud and that Christianity or rather Jesus is the the true God of Eternity.Dear Sis and Bro,I've attached some of the segments in the book for you.When I read the book,both my husband and I cried.We could not believe that this malicious book could ever be produced and the intention of the sender to send it to a Muslim is really mean and unjust.Dear Sis and Bro,can you imagine if our children get hold of such books and soon believed in it?Wallahualam.Especially those whose parents are ignorant about what their children are reading.This kind of print or any similar prints are like water dripping into a stone .As more and more of such prints are made and more of our young Muslims were to read them ,slowly this untrue fact will be embedded.Before this happen,educate your children ukhrawi and made known to them that there are malicious people who just want to sway their iman.As for me,my husband is still considering a police report.But we are trying to make our friends aware of this malicious attempt by irresponsible and hateful person.

Those were the content of the e-mail I've got on 13 February 2008,but due to very poor internet connections,only today had I able to fully load them all..For me,it is rightful to preach about our religion with the absence of dirty ways such as manipulating plus twisting the teachings of other religion.There are many ways to preach without the necessity to do such thing,the approach is there but then only the way they uphold their religion is not a very rightful things as if they have not learn the manner to preach with wisdom and truthful.If they are the truth-seeker,they wouldn't commit such attempt.

Even though,we are different in our faith,it is still valid and relevant to live together in harmony and carry out the preach as long as we did it the rightful way and for the sake of finding the truth.Also,the verses written in those comics all had its own 'sebab2 penurunan'/asbabunnuzul.

Do not play with words of Allah out of making fun about Islam.We as daie of Islam did preach with honor and we lead our way as daie based on the rightful way.For example,we did discuss about the contradictions in the Bible but we did it out of for the sake of seeking the truth plus we did it with dignity,without going against the law of manner.We didn't told lies when it comes to Islam,it is all depends on the person himself whether he want to believe or vice versa.Forcing is just not our way of convincing others into Islam (2:256) and indeed,we believe sesungguhya agama yang diredhai di sisi Allah ialah Islam (3:19)..