Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Berani ke hadapan.

Kata-kata dari zauj Usu sangat berbekas dekat hati..Tapi,I figure out the me in these few days when she did something,the main purpose was only to please everyone which is very big wrong!

The main reason on the other hand should be for the sake of Allah.Yet,I failed because each time I've done things I'll feel miserable and stressed.Thats the impact I get.

And I resort to not doing something because of pleasing someone and so forth.No!These few days I learned my limit and my capability.Yes,I'm not great like other people.Yes,maybe I'm good at some point indeed everybody has their own limit and capability.

I tried hard to please everyone but I realized in this world there's no such thing.I realized my weaknesses and when I said I couldnt do it,dont force me!I know everyone is trying to be tolerant and considerate but I really really cant.Because I am only an ordinary person.With intellectual quotients of a teaspoon,I rarely finished my work any faster than my friends!

I realized that I'm not good in doing too many things yet I got jealous when my friends are capable of doing lots of things in a very short time.Yet,how can I be ungrateful towards Him?I know my limit.

I cant please everyone.Yes,I'm very very sad when looking up to those whom ahead of me but I cant just give up right?So,I came to know that the only thing I can do at the moment is just doing little little things in a small way.

When I couldnt come to any events which I'm invited,their faces came across my mind and I felt very sorry for not being able to come.The very least thing I can do is just pray to Allah that may Allah ease their matters and may Allah lift up all their burdens.

Very often I feel sorry towards others for example in academic matters,but because I'm not good at them,I just said comforting words to them.

Takpelah,saya akan contribute dengan cara yang invisible ni.Bukan pujian yang saya inginkan;and saya sedar itu memang bukan matlamat saya.

Saya juga bukan seorang yang kreatif,bila orang mintak idea saya rasa dalam otak ni blank je.Orang lain siap keluar idea2 bernas yang tak terfikir.So,I accept my weaknesses.I dont want to blame myself.Its ok if anyone out there blaming me,I can only say sorry.

I learned to say no! When I couldnt I just say no.That is when I really2 think I'm on the verge of breaking.

Please say something nice to this newbie because it does affect my impression towards you.Towards your fikrah.I couldnt just accept something that sounds provoking and bias towards others.Explain to me only then I could understand it.Only then I could accept it.Acceptance is the sign of everyone is not perfect,thats all.Neither myself.

Apapun,thank you Allah.Alhamdulillah,kena berusaha untuk improve 'stamina'.Permudahkan urusan kami semua ya Allah.

Mari mara ke hadapan!