Saturday, August 14, 2010

(24:11) -(24:20)

Yesterday I came across the story of big lie against Aysha r.anha in the Mu'minuun chapter and it was quite interesting when Allah revealed the way how to react when one was subjected to rumours & how to react when hearing rumours about others.

How To Deal with Rumours and Unproven Accusations

[24:11] A gang among you produced a big lie.* Do not think that it was bad for you; instead, it was good for you. Meanwhile, each one of them has earned his share of the guilt. As for the one who initiated the whole incident, he has incurred a terrible retribution.

* Big lie:This refers to a historical incident where the Prophet Muhammad's wife Aysha was left in the desert by mistake, and later found by a young man named Safwan ibnu Mu'attal who helped her catch up with the Prophet's caravan. This triggered the famous `Big Lie' against Aysha.

[24:12] When you heard it, the believing men and the believing women should have had better thoughts about themselves, and should have said, "This is obviously a big lie."

[24:13] Only if they produced four witnesses (you may believe them). If they fail to produce the witnesses, then they are, according to Allah, liars.

[24:14] If it were not for Allah's grace towards you, and His mercy in this world and in the Hereafter, you would have suffered a great retribution because of this incident.

[24:15] You fabricated it with your own tongues, and the rest of you repeated it with your mouths without proof. You thought it was simple, when it was, according to Allah, gross.

What To Do


1) I have to produce 4 witnesses if I were to accuse people of committing mistakes.And these witnesses for example in robbery crime,must saw with their own eyes they did saw these Dick,Tom & Jerry committed the crime,took the money,broken the houses etc,exactly saw their faces only then we may accused them of committing crime.

2) We of the believers should have good thoughts among ourselves when we heard of rumours about others.

3)To accuse people/to backbite is a grave sin when it comes to Allah's judgement though we might think it's just a mere simple matter.

4) We,upon hearing rumours should have known that we must not talk about it,we do not have the right to comment about it,only Allah knows.

5) As believers,we should never repeat this mistakes anymore!

Let us seek forgiveness from Allah,astaghfirullahal'azim..

note:please do correct me if I'm wrong..