Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Materials of The Gift

Uhibbuka hubban jamma ya akh CPP!!

A present might be valued by its price whether it's expensive or cheap..

Yet,He is The Most Generous and The Most Kind..

As He take into account no such thing..

The intention (niyyah)..

Only that matters the most..

Innamal a'maalu binniat..

And the path that we choose,the way,we prepare that particular present that matters..

Nevertheless,He owns everything in this world as He needs nothing from His servant..

ya Allah,have mercy on me..

I want to fall in love with You and dedicate,devoted my entire life for You..

Please respond to my invocations,do have mercy on this pathetic servant of Yours..

Please save me from this terrible world..

Please guide me into Your Light..

So that I will be happy in Hereafter..