Friday, April 16, 2010

Design Week

Alhamdulillah,our design week had finally come to an end~ But it was a lot of fun and happiest moment in my life as i get to know more people (my classmates),and they were and are of wonderful and great people!!

And yeah,western people are more like muslims in their attitude,i strongly agree to that notion well could not against that statement as i have seen it with my naked eyes,the way they work,the efficiency of their thinking system and the teamwork they've showed me woahh that was really awesome and made me thinking about them;their good side apart from our different faith.

And due to my hearing problems,i had to really put all my energy into digesting all the words they're saying so that i did not only heard sound rather than words~~ yeah,it was might be due to always lsitening to music stuff but during this design week i just listened to music when i want to relax my mind and after that i put off my earphone and started to work again..

I have to work harder as the exam is coming nearer and i want to be as good as them;my friends;it doesnt matter whether my malaysian friends or my international friends;they're all my friends;i love them very very very much and i agreed to a malay saying about 'x kenal maka x cinta'

Allah had said in the holy Quran,that he made us in different races,nations,different tribes to get to know each other ( have to really understand the meaning;know each other within the boundaries set by Allah Himself!)

yeah,i love them to my heart content (illiyyin's usual words)

And I really miss my friends;ija.illiyyin,haziqah and tikah,i am really hankering to see them and have lots of chat with them,want to tease them and having lunch or dinner with them;all the stuffs that we've been doing in malaysia;i really miss that moment and i know i do~

And yeah,i'm going to miss valentina and elniza as they're of great accompany and friends during the design week,and sean (he's a guy so i cant talk much about him,dats the boundary and all of us neeed to stick to the boundary!) too.Really need to polish my hearing skills and my proficiency in english after this,it's now or never and have to follow the other 2 people footsteps ( cant tell you who are they),have to follow their good examples and may Allah strengthen their heart and guide them to His Path,not only them,all of my precious people,who are dear to me;please guide them Allah,they are of great and kind heart,bless them ya Allah,do please bless these precious people of mine..

I realized that though if it is a design week, i still have to abide to the rules right,i kinda loose my strictness towards certain people and become bias;yeah dats not good and not the right way to do it,astaghfirullah..

"Sesungguhnya orang2 mukmin itu bersaudara.." (al-hujurat:31)

Design week was great and it might be majorly because i was being surrounded by great people with big capacity of heart and einstein's mind~

Alhamdulillah,thank you Allah for this kind of wealth,and bounty and thank you Allah for all the things You've been giving me,alhamdulillah alhamdulillah~