Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back to My Feet

Alhamdulillah, coming back to my beloved Malaysia after my-two-years-of-not-going-back in Sheffield, UK.

The moment the plane did touch the soil of Malaysia (in which KLIA in particular), I was already teary and overwhelmed as Allah had blessed the journey and here I am safely arrived, in tact back in Malaysia! ;D

And it was an exciting experience; travelling alone from Sheffield- Manchester Airport-Dubai-KLIA; I will never ever forget this kind of experience!

When I stepped my feet out from the Arrival Gate, I saw my family as they excitedly waved their hands to notify me 'Hey, we were here', I bow my head to kiss my mother's hands before her cheeks and she got tears in her eyes. I said to her in a calm tone; 'Janganlah nangis mak' as I hugged her and then I moved to my father and my along repeating the same manner as I did with my mother :)


I wanted to have a CDL (Competent Driving License) but I need to take KPP's class and got LDL and PDL first. And gladly to say, I have had my L license few days ago =D Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah! And now, I am working on getting my P license then voila to the world of driving with competent license and get a job for a better myself in the future if Allah wills it :)

Driving classes were so full of lessons! I met new people with various background and different upbringings; made me wonder and thought of a lotTT of things.

Lesson 1

On the very first day towards CDL, I need to register myself first in the counter. I unintentionally overheard the conversation between these guys.

Kakak on the counter: Adik, you have to pay RM 10 for the KPP's book.

Guy A: Adik, did u bring money?

Guy B: Abang, I havent received my salary yet. (Belum abang, saya belum dapat gaji lagi)

Upon hearing this, I got teary and so touched; I caught his figure at one glance; yes he did come from a so-so family I must say. Neither did I come from a wealthy family and I wasn't shamed about this. I guessed he was just completed his SPM and was up for motorcycle's licence. I learnt a lot from this guy and then I continued my steps to the allocated class.

In the class, I've seen many faces and surprisingly they have surprisingly like-able attitudes. I met new friends irrespective of our age's difference, and I pondered about a lot of things when I was back in Sheffield, doing my second and third academical year.

During KPP's class which consumed 5 hours time, tears kept welled in my eyes but I managed to hold them back without running down my cheeks =D I really hoped I did learnt the lessons well!

Indeed, I agreed with the saying, ' Best thing in disguise'. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. I will not repeat the same mistakes insya-Allah, my new resolution for the next semester of my studying.

Alina, let's planning for a better future ok! I love you! And again all in all, thank you so much Allah for the Guidance and for Your Ears! Please do bless my not-yet-chosen path!

Di sebalik semua kekurangan dan kehinaan diri, aku ingin katakan:

Aku ingin belajar keranamu Allah!