Friday, November 14, 2008

~having my first laptop,alhamdulillah~


to begin with,I am still a newbie in this bloggers' world.planning on having a laptop after getting my mara's loan,He granted my wish once I told my beloved mum about this (not getting mara's loan yet).without hesitation,my father had been informed by mum and the next day we were working our way to Wetex located at the centre of Bandar Maharani.

aiming not to have a single look on acers'(as I've been told by kak win and my friends not to),finally we found a shop which sells laptops and so forth.without further ado,I stepped my feet into and excitedly started looking for HP Compaqs'.having several words with the seller plus asking for my parents's permission,I decided to buy one in the above figure.haha,actually I'm confused when asked by the seller which of the 2 models (other HP Pavilion model,bigger in size+LCD can't be rotated 180 degree sideways but much higher capacity of RAM)I wanted to buy.on having second thoughts,I made up my mind to bring home a HP Pavilion tx2500 Entertainment Notebook PC cashed with big amount of money in debt to my parents.

don't ever dare to say my parents are stingy.they are not stingy but nowadays money is crucial in pursuing life irrespective of whether in Malaysia or overseas.believing that education is vital in having brighter future,my parents reminded me of not having the internet-addicted disease despite myself always burning the midnight oil,playing games in kak win's laptop(need to queue up;fighting over it with my 2 younger brothers.haha).

Reminder (Al-Ankabut:ayat 64):
“Dan (ingatlah bahawa) kehidupan dunia ini (meliputi segala kesenangan dan kemewahannya, jika dinilaikan dengan kehidupan akhirat) tidak lain hanyalah ibarat hiburan dan permainan dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itu ialah kehidupan yang sebenar-benarnya; kalaulah mereka mengetahui (hakikat ini tentulah mereka tidak akan melupakan hari akhirat)” (29:64)

(credits to kak aliyyah)

I recalled on one nite (I can't remember when but happened this year)as I was playing games attentively in the living room,almost 4 in the morning,my father appeared from nowhere and suddenly,with the istighfar coming out from his mouth as his lecture's opening urging me to perform tahajjud prayer instead of playing silly games.

manisnya tahajjud:click here

Astaghfirullah, how hypocritical I was. How many times had I said to people, of being a full-time Muslim, of having to enter Islam as a whole (2:208), and yet was I remembering Him qiyaaman wa qu’udan wa alaa junubi (standing, sitting and lying down)? (credits to kak aliyyah)

on thursday nite:realizing its importance (of having a laptop) when I've to stay up working on physical chem as I was absent from the test for having measle,not to mention that I searched desperately for exponential differentiation in search engine google at 3 am as I was racking my mind to prepare for tomorrow's test.huhu.alhamdulillah,I've done my best and the rest is up to Him.

for my beloved sister,kak win (along),thanks a lot for letting us (her siblings) using her laptop even though we seemed to appreciate it for nothing.may Allah bless you with His Infinite Love and be with you through thick and thin.I won't forget all the things you've done for me till the end of my life,insya-Allah.

last but not least,I hope this newly-brought laptop will be one of my contibution's source to Islam in many ways such as blogging to spread the words preached by our beloved prophet (pbuh),Muhammad.having faith of no significant level compared to the Companions;never ever dare to imagine being in pace with our beloved prophet (pbuh),I trully hope that my words can inspired others towards Islam.