Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dari Beirut ke Jerusalem

Today is the second day of mine,reading a book entitled 'Dari Beirut ke Jerusalem' by Dr. Ang Swee Chai.Alhamdulillah,I finished reading chapter 10 and maybe tonight I will continue reading chapter 11=)

After reading through all the pages till the last page in chapter 10,I am really pissed off.This book really worth a reading as it reveals the truth behind those tragedic incident in Sabra and Shatila.It has been nearly 27 years since those historical days,15 to 18 September 0f 1982 where mass slaughtering of our brothers and sisters or should I say Palestinians GENOCIDE in the traitor's hands who failed to fulfill their promise towards Barisan Pembebasan Palestin (PLO),that if PLO retreat to Syria,they won't bombard Lubnan with all their bloodshed machines and they will ensure the safety of others Palestinians.But then it's all lie.They were all liars and are liars.

During that time,Israel army were being helped by Hadaad -said to be Christian Lubnan's army and they also involved in lending their hands,killing all the Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila camp.Even a 70 year old granny were being raped and tortured to death at that time!

Even so,400 000 Israelis were against those mass slaughtering by the Israel army and demonstration in peace were held at Tel Aviv.Not to mention a number of American plus Jewish activist also against the uncivilised manner of those horrible slaughtering monster!

Third-world country people were being underestimated,their voice couldn't be heard of as their voices has no commercial value to be aired neither in newspaper,radio station nor broadcasted live in television!Double-standard phenomenon as always..

Palestinians at that time were being labelled as 'terrorist' and all Western media were actively contributing towards this honorary title.Shame on you.On the contrary,Palestinians people were and I believe are very big-hearted people as they were willing to help their enemy that injured,falling from a roof of house's remnants searching for any Palestinians that still alive.Still,they (Officer in charge of Gaza Hospital) were remarkably kind to offer their help so that these bunch of good for nothing people being treated for their not-so-massive injury.

Frankly speaking,I will try to finish reading that book asap and I hope that I could digest all the particulars,important terms,dates and so forth so that I can re-tell them to my brothers and sisters.Insya-Allah.For all my friends out there,continue your fight and never give up!Because all of us are the next leaders,to lead our country and Islam side by side so that serenity and happiness will come revolving around us.But then it isn't about nationalism as there is no such thing to be true.It is all about Islam then=).Seems to be self-oriented yet it is true.Things to ponder I guess=)

PERAK Issue (2)

A little bit adds-on to the previous issue but before that I want to emphasize here that I'm not intended to promote certain parties and yet I am not into those.As far as truth is concerned,I just want to let others know=)..For those who already know,just make this as a refreshment ok=)

Merujuk kepada Artikel XVI(6) Undang-undang Perlembagaan Negeri Perak menyatakan bahawa:

"If the Menteri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council".

Ini bermakna sokongan Menteri Besar itu perlu diputuskan oleh Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri. Sebarkan.

Menurut peruntukan undang-undang, pertukaran kerajaan negeri boleh berlaku melalui tiga cara:

1. Kerajaan yang sedia ada tidak ada upaya dan menarik diri dengan meminta perkenan Sultan.

2. Melalui ‘undi tidak percaya’ oleh dua per tiga ADUN dalam satu-satu sidang DUN.Jika cara ini akan digunakan umno Barisan Nasional, ini bermakna mereka perlu menunggu sidangDUN PERAK yang dijadual paling awal berlangsung bulan April.

3. Melalui pembubaran Kerajaan Negeri oleh seseorang Ketua Kerjaaan Negeri (Menteri Besar) dengan mendapat perkenan Sultan; Jika cara ini akan digunakan Umno Barisan Nasional, ini bermakna mereka perlu melalui proses pilihanraya setelah DUN dibubarkan.

*Any comments=),just jot them down in this blog ok=)