Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not Spoon-feeding Anymore

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First two-weeks of new semester really made me exhausted.Labs,preparations for trials,exams,presentations and etc2.Lectures were university-like as I am a university student now.Brief explanation about topics and then voila,goodbye.That's the difference between life in university and in school.Have to realize that instead of blaming others.Learn beyond mastery,I want to practice that.Insya-Allah.Not for the sake of exam,of course.I want to keep them deep in my heart and mind,like my friends did.Knowledge brings me closer to Him so I have to maintain and at the same time inculcate more virtues in a manner that pleased Him,so that I could gain more barakah.Insya-Allah=)

Just to share,I was waiting for the machine in Biology lab to measure glucose concentration when I saw something which I think was an evidence of His Almighty.My friend's face was soo radiant,a surge of tranquility struck in me as I watching his face.Later,did I knew he had already performed Maghrib prayer while my group members and I didn't yet.To my amazament,one of my group members also realize this.Subhanallah...tenang jiwa yang serabut..

To be blunt,do not delay your prayer.If you have to do something,just make sure that you do not turn your back on His Words=)

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