Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiqah vs Faqih

Being a daie,most of the time we forget to revise on ourselves whether we have done or implement all the knowledge that we have learnt,that we have know without noticing that we are only cakap x serupa bikin..

Dearself,you aren't faqih yet but you are only a pembawa fiqah=(

Yeah,maybe you are only a superfluous sweet talker,reciting all the verses,hadith you know to convince people so that they accept your advice,ideas whatsoever but have you ever practice all the things that you told others?I bet not=((

Of course when comparing yourself to certain people it it very obvious that you seem to be someone with deep knowledge in Islam etc but then very often someone whom look simpler yet practicing all the fundamentals is thousand times better than you.

I feel sorry for you dearself,your knowledge doesn't inculcate the feeling to sense His presence when you are going to commit wrongdoings,again you repeat the same sinful mistakes despite you already know that Islam has prohibits it.Shame on you poor self..

You feel so mad towards those whom making fool out of Islam yet you are always playing favourites when it comes to yourself..I feel so sorry for you..Very pathetic!

Have you ever think about the words of Al Faruq..Ikhtabir alima al-lisan (uji dulu orang alim)..To select a leader,this method is carry out on the potential person within 2 years time..And still that person isn't quaranteed for the post!I think you should try it on first..I don't want to be only a pembawa fiqah but I want to be faqih!Yes,that's your mission..Prove that you are not just a sweet-talker daie but you are a practitioner of Islam,you are not only a Muslim by name yet you are a full time Muslim..

Don't be a hypocrite Muslim!Bring yourself into Islam as a whole (Al-Baqarah:208) not just picking one that suits you and sideline the one that outdated according to your secular mind..Bear in mind that orang yang membawa fiqah x semestinya seorang yang faqih (hadith)

It's been more than 2 decades you live in His world,so you have to devote yourself to Him because sesungguhya solatku,ibadahku,hidupku dan matiku hanya kerana Allah..fight for Him and for His Messenger,insya-Allah.~Allahumma faqqihna fiddiin~

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