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Still working on it-try to finish reading 'Dari Beirut ke Jerusalem'..

A bit shocked coz the writer wrote she performed an elective surgery on her patient, without anesthesia!That patient was a Palestinian,having a bullet stucked in his third metacarpus bone which limited his fingers' movement.But then,she still continued performing the minor surgery as requested by her patient insisting her with his words,'Doktor,anda lupa saya orang Palestin?'

Come to think of it,I have undergone 2 surgeries,in 1997 and 1999 respectively.My right ear swollen,it was so painful especially when I wore my scarf & veil.I was admitted to The Straits Hospital Melaka in Ramadhan,but the doctor in charge discharged me home after 'some work' on my right ear saying that there's big red-blood hole the size of an adult's thumb making my father wanted to pass out=).

The point is I wasn't getting my anesthesia on the first surgery instead I was injected with a pain-killer,sort of.Dr. Jonah Azahari,in his hypothesis based on his observation assumed that only a minor surgery required to deal with but then it is more than that.

I was fully conscious that time,with my face got covered with dark green cloth and I was on my left ribs.With only a pain-killer to get through the so-called minor surgery,I could felt the sensation of being 'a lab mouse' when he cut apart the swollen side.Ok,it wasn't so bad after all.But when it comes to the suturing (stapling) of the tube so that my sweat can be channeled somewhere else instead of getting stucked making my ear swollen,I couldn't helped myself screaming,shouting all the way making the doctor said,'adik jgn jerit nanti org ingt ape pulak'.Ya Allah,soo painful each time the machine stapling the tube,I couldn't really recalled how many times that machine doing its work plus mine,shouting and screaming=).Really traumatized that time,huhu.

So,during the second surgery as it stroke back but much better from before,my father asked so that I was put into sleep-swallowed a sleep pill then got anesthetized by a combination of injected & inhaled agents.

I was told that the muscle,is it?or I don't-know-what tissue got pretty crumpled in the way it blocked the sweat running in the sweat vessel making the ear swollen.

'Then We made the Nutfah into a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood), then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So blessed be Allâh, the Best of creators'

(Surah Al-Mu'minun:14)

Maybe,when I was in my mother's womb as the doctor told me,the process of clothing the bones with flesh had brought me into this but then best thing is always in disguise=)

That's why I was very determined to be an O&G since my Standard 6,one of the triggered factor,that term stands for obstetrician n gynaecologist=).But when I got the offer letter,I chose to be an engineer after performing successive istikharah prayer,I got confused that time,unsure if I was capable enough to handle things etc.
At least,I'm happy now=))..Alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah..

Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, "When (will come) the Help of Allâh?" Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allâh is near!

(Surah Al Baqarah:214)

With reference to the word 'trials' itself,it mean(s) hardships,pain,sadness etc.U can refer to tafsir after this=)

Ok,get back to Dr. Ang Swee Chai's.She really have the guts to carry out her surgery (minor one) on his patients without anesthesia,regardless of the 'operating room' used,either in the kitchen or at the couch in the living room of her patients' house!Considering the situation at that time,she was soo desperate,in her mind only to help the needy.I salute her for all the things she'd done to reduce the burden on the Palestinians' back..

Still,I couldn't imagined someone who can withstand the pain once the scalpel cut apart your skin,hush.All of sudden a story of The Companions come into mind=)

That time,there was anak panah on his leg.In order to pull it out he told to do it when he was performing his prayer.Haha,still feeling the itchiness of the mosquito's bites during my solah.Far upon reach but then nothing is impossible when He is by our side,right?

Just hoping that my friends and I can be a good engineer who contributes towards ummah,insya-Allah=).Amiin

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