Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sek. pagi vs Sek. petang

"Mak,arini x nak gi sekolah petang?Alah,arini x belajar pun."

That's the common sentence used to persuade a mother so that this child can be allowed to skip attending religious school during afternoon session.

Rural students very often only take the morning school session into account and neglecting the afternoon one.Maybe the teachers in the afternoon school aren't firm and the students are no longer afraid of being scolded by teachers.

When I was filling in the form to pursue my studies after UPSR,I was desperately longing to enroll at religious school as I want to enhance my Islamic knowledge but then the luck wasn't on my side as I got zero offer from SBP only from SAKTI,a science school.

And I was upset actually with my younger brother as he was having the chance to continue his studies as he was offered to attend a religious class from a religious school nearby but he rejected the offer saying he got a lot to cope in SMSJ..Apalagi,membebel lah saya mase tuh..

In my area,most of the boys are not interested in attending afternoon school and this scenario also dragging my youngest brother along as his attendance will always never ever in fully-attended state each week,driving me nuts=((

If I was at home,I'll force him to go regardless of his crying in his cracked voice muttering his friends weren't attending school,he didn't have friends etc,I didn't care,I dragged him along and sent him right away riding on our motorcycle.Along the way,I kind of kesian plak but then I kept firm at heart advicing him about the obligation to learn obligatory subject at afternoon school..Ukhrawi nih,bile lagi nak belajar

A very good example of today's men,x payah tengok jauh2,tengok adik sendiri cukup..

Kecik2 dah main handset,sms 24 jam,aish giving me a headache.sigh..Time exam,the youngest one tu x pernah nampak pegang buku,it's all depends (macam critical thinking pulak) on his mood,kalau mood rajin rajinlah dia,kalau x selamat tinggallah buku,x disentuh langsung..Sampai cikgunya kata dia ni 10 fold malas dari abang dia,kot=))..

But yesterday I was very happy coz of one headline stating that rural students outshine urbanites.Very often urbanites are very dominant but this year the rural students have unseat urbanites from the throne=)).Nothing is impossible right?chuckle

Dulu,saya selalu dengar orang kata nak jaga daughter payah,tapi sekarang saya pun nak buat statement,nak jaga adik lelaki lagi payah,berbuih2 air liur ni..keluar segala bunga2 taekwondo saya barulah nak obey.kalau x jangan harap..

And not to mention girls nowadays seems to have less sense of to be shy towards guys,miss calls and etc..Ya Allah,the world has turn upside down,whom to be blame?Things to ponder upon..


fairuzsallehuddin said...

Betul tu Alina.everything dah upside down sekarang.Na'uzubillah..adek laki kita pon susah sgt nak jaga berbanding yg perempuan.ish.geram3.

Alina,awk sihat?lama xdengar tau!

zikrilhakiim said...

fai,kta sihat alhamdulillah=))..btw,misss u sooo much act..klu nk tau psl kta just visit blog nih..slagi dia brjalan meaning kta sihat alhamdulillah=)))tc gak=p