Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Gift For Him

Wow,tomorrow is D-Day!!The very first paper for my final exam which in turn will decide whether I will be going to Sheffield or not!Mathematics-which was one of paper that has the capability to freak me out,having a cold feet the moment I stepped my feet into the exam hall.

But now,alhamdulillah it turns the other way around.I like mathematics very much as it is a very interesting subject,isn't it?Plus,a very good lecturer with crystal clear explanation,huhu,deepen my love for Mr. Maths,huhu

Okey-dokey,lets pray that tomorrow will end up in a good way,amiin,insya-Allah=)

Aim:1st class honors for this final as a gift for Him!Amiin..

Even though,I did not even finish revising other subjects but then I won't easily giving in to the current situation of mine.Owh,I need to finish my discussion for Biology's report,I hope I can finish it by tomorrow.

Burning the midnight oil-have to exercise this as lots more to be revised but I'm afraid of waking up so late,did not want to risk my dawn prayer just for the sake of revising,end up no blessing from Him=(

Towards 1st class-A gift for Him and His Messenger,insya-Allah..Amiin


fairuzsallehuddin said...

InsyaAllah..I pray for you!
ameen :D

zikrilhakiim said...

thx fai,may Allah bless us all..amiin=)