Thursday, July 2, 2009

Residue of Mind After CPP

I was listening to 'Aku Hanya Seorang 'Umar' by Hijjaz when jotting all this words.And alhamdulillah,praise be upon Him as we have complete our battle of the brains with our most freak-out subject,akh CPP which stands for Chemical Process Principles.

I was laughing all the way when Anis and Illiyyin were talking about how a CPP's syllabus which needed to be comprehend for 1 semester was being forced into our very brains in a fortnight and the worst-case scenario was the D-Day was

And I was like 'what on Earth did they talk about' as I've found none solid evidence which can be linked to rasionalism of human mind,nearly at 2 am.To make things worst for me was I was having a difficulty in letting myself to sleep,even though my brain seemed to said 'I was dead beat,how dare you,ignoring my rights to have rest after you made me flat out revising all the subjects yet you still building castles in the air,grasping nothing???'lol

Due to sleep-deprived,I forced myself to walk my feet into the shower,bathing myself so that the cold water will rejuvenate my body.And if my father knew about this,of course I will be ended up receiving a lot of 'compliments' from my siblings the moment I got a very educational 'lectures' yet consuming the whole mind of mind to digest the gist.What a slow-paced I am.

Afifah,thx for letting me browsing through your distillation notes as they were of great help when I was answering the C section of CPP exam paper.

And alhamdulillah,thx to my mother whom sacrifing her time,performing prayer for me so that I will end up motivating,when facing all this depressed-things-during-exam.huhu.She was fasting these few days,as her little girl was struggling to cater to the needs of the exam.huhu

To my beloved roommates,I do love all of you very much.Uhibbukum hubban jamma lillahi taala=).Insya-Allah,we are going to make it this time,so do not think too much about it but rather working to achieve our mission and aims..

To my beloved Fet girls,I do love all of you too,huhu very2 much=)..huhu,korg sgt gilerr spt saya,weh3.Each of you,irrespective of either my roommates or my girls' classmates,are and willl be always special to me in a way that 'you complete me'.The things,little2 things that lack in me,you are the one that fill in that particular emptiness in my life,indah kan ukhuwwah?^^

To my classmates,really grateful and blessed to have all of you by my side as I learned multiple invaluable things from each of u,and they made me realize how Allah created this life full of colours,and you are the colours that brightening my life^^.Love you all sahabat,jgn nakal2 kay.Be matured skit.Moga jdi syabab yang soleh,amiin

To my beloved kecturers,thx for all this while,the ilms,the advices,all the things that you taught me directly or not,really appreciate them sooo much.May Allah bless us all and may us be happy in Hereafter.amiin

"Allahumma bismika ahya wa amuut.Ya Allah,with your name I live and I die.Moga saya jadi......."Mintaklah something from Him^^.Terharu when bace this entry by my murabbi.

Dont forget to recite this prayer once you are on your way to sleep,okayy^^.

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