Saturday, October 24, 2009

These Few Days

Alhamdulillah,cant wait for summer next year =D..I want to go somewhere but then lets keep it a secret shall we?

This winter,I got stonewalled not knowing which way to go but still I'll make sure I go to somewhere..

I dont want to go back to Malaysia in summer as I plan to go there~biiznillah insya-Allah

Still I havent decided yet,whether to stick to those whom were with me right at the beginning or the one whose I heard of about them from a friend of mine in Adelaide..

Havent discussed with my mas'ulah in Malaysia though I really miss her a lot like ages had I ever seeing her and talking with her or even texting her..She was and is a very goood murobbi..kak affizah,sayang sgt dekat akak..sangatt sangattt..Sorry for this retarded mind of mine in disregarding my earlier seeemed to be:decision of being in the same roof of yours..I am very sorry,I got confused and take a stand against you and all the words that once I was agreed with..I want the best out of me,for both sides..I want to make it fair and square,no hurting others et al..

And futur won over me..Still I havent made up my numbing-mind concerning this issue..Akak,ciri-ciri nyer pe ye?Y did I went against you whom dearest to me??How could I?My shifted paradigm got its stand on its own,instantaneously since it knew where to initiate the facts-analyzed process..Are they facts or some kind of rumours having spread out by an irresponsible individual intentionally to create a mess,disrupting our not so covalently bond or is it ionic??

Idealism isnt my intention as there's a slight chance of getting astray from the true path..If isnt based on the syariah.And my mu'amalat was and am getting worn out,tak tsiqoh-stricken which flare up my iman saying lots of things to not being done in the past though within a split second in time..

Backbone??Dun quite understand bout that..Referring back to Sirah was a good way to look but still got blank..The people inside subhanallah but considering the approach made me having a second thought..Or was it that I think too much of it??

Just wait and see I guess,permudahkan ye ya Allah..amiin

These few days I am depending on these items which actually only a part of the actual items in hand~Continuity in coughing too significant resulting in a dependency to an inhaler due to the asthma presumed by GP~

~my medicines since living here~

I got this during Freshers camp in notts and really like it so cute right??Get way too excited to recite it every day~
~cute little ma'thurat during FC in notts~


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Anonymous said...


alina plan nak pi tanah suci ya?

jika betul, akak pun..wink :-)

apa pun, moga allah permudahkan.