Monday, January 4, 2010

Si Pencuri Masa

In the name of Allah The Almighty..


Was dizzy and got a headache as my flat's kitchen and my room were very messy.To the extent that I spent all the night vacuum-ing the floor and throwing away all the rubbish in the bin into the larger bin outside.

And made myself fried eggs with chillies instead of buying chicken meat at Ya Fai~

Long enough had these thoughts had strucked me;each time when I did the chores for example cleaning the toilet,rubbing the electric stoves and sweeping my room's floor (last night I used the vacuum and it was very fast and easier~)

Contemplating about all this, I've been thinking about why do we have to wait I mean procrastinate to do all the cleaning??

By doing that,the cleaning job became much harder as the dirts got thicker every time we use it and let it be uncleaned.And you have to be all sweat just to clean it by then!

I do not want to make myself into that situation.Life is easy as far as YOU made it EASY for U!And if in this world you face hardships,never mind Allah will never forsake you! Insya-Allah He will reward us in Jannah~

And that cleaning story above is actually a very simple analogy to what I want to deliver later on.


Let me ask you.How many times we commit sins a day?How about for a month? A year?Pretty sure we do not even realize small2 sins had we committed.Including me.

Why not,after we had realized our sins for today,simply take an ablution and then perform a taubat (repentance) prayer.Pray to Allah;ask Him to grant us STRENGTH to resist the temptation of commiting maksiat.Not only just for today;for years ahead,it's never too late to seek forgiveness from Him as He is The Most Merciful God after all!

Never lose hope in Allah's forgiveness!!Never give up!!!As long as you keep making an effort to redeem yourself,Allah will not neglect you.Have faith in Him!

Though the sins you've committed was as big as the mountain ever exists in this world,He will still forgives you.Allah will never forsake you!

And please never put on hold your taubat as this kind of act will affect your heart.As you not cleaning the dirts you've made when you cooked on the stoves and they get difficult to be cleaned,the same goes to your heart.Your heart will get darker and subtleness of your heart will be taken over!And to not repeating the same sins will become harder as you keep delaying you repentance!


Ever heard of a hadith about a man whom have killed 100 peoples?And we must all been thinking how lucky he was as his distance to the village of where he want to repent for all his sins was much nearer to him.


No such thing in this world!

In fact,it was of Allah's will as that man actually made an EFFORT to BE a GOOD person in His Gaze!

Good by holding fast to Allah's command,DO'S nad DON'TS!

Dari Abu Said al-Khudri r.a. said Raulullah S.A.W bersabda:

“Dulu sebelum kalian ada seorang lelaki yang membunuh sembilan puluh sembilan orang, sehingga dia bertanyakan tentang orang yang paling alim di kalangan penduduk bumi. Mereka menunjukkannya kepada seorang rahib (ahli ibadah), kemudian orang tersebut mendatanginya dan berkata bahwa dia telah membunuh sembilan puluh sembilan orang. Apakah masih ada kesempatan baginya untuk bertaubat? Rahib tadi berkata: “Tidak.” Orang itu lalu membunuhnya, sehingga genap menjadi seratus orang. Kemudian dia bertanya tentang penduduk bumi yang paling alim. Maka ditunjukkan kepadanya seorang alim. Dia berkata kepadanya bahawa dia telah membunuh seratus orang. Apakah masih ada kesempatan baginya untuk bertaubat? Orang alim tersebut menjawab: “Ya! Dan siapakah yang mampu menghalang antaramu dengan taubat. Pergilah ke negeri ini dan itu, kerana di sana ada orang-orang yang beribadah kepada Allah Ta’ala. Beribadahlah bersama mereka, dan jangan kembali ke negerimu karena negerimu adalah negeri yang jelek.” Kemudian orang itu pergi tetapi di tengah-tengah perjalanan dia meninggal. Lalu malaikat rahmat dan malaikat adzab saling berselisih tentangnya. Malaikat rahmat berkata: “Dia datang dalam keadaan bertaubat, menghadap Allah.” Malaikat azab berkata: “Dia belum beramal shalih sama sekali.” Kemudian datanglah kepada kedua malaikat itu seorang malaikat dalam bentuk manusia. Mereka (kedua malaikat itu) menjadikannya sebagai pemutus urusan mereka. Malaikat itu berkata: “Ukurlah antara dua negeri tersebut. Mana yang lebih dekat (jaraknya dengan kedua negeri itu) maka itulah lebih berhak.” Mereka kemudian mengukurnya. Ternyata mereka dapati bahwa dia (orang yang mati itu) lebih dekat ke negeri yang baik. Maka malaikat rahmat mengambilnya.” Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

At first,when I read this hadith I talked to myself on how lucky that man to be forgiven by Allah as his distance was much closer to the village where he wanted to go to repent for his sins.

BUT,it did not worked that way!!

Hilal Asyraf (Langit Ilahi's blogger) wrote this:

Pensyarah saya, Dr Muhammad Al-Hawari yang memang terkenal sebagai antara pakar hadith di Yarmouk berkata:

“Kenapa hadith ini menyertakan sekali perihal jarak antara lelaki itu dengan kampung kebaikan? Hal ini kerana, Allah hendak menunjukkan bahawa Dia telah mengampunkan lelaki ini atas usahanya bergerak ke arah taubat tadi. Allah lah yang mendekatkan jarak kampung kebaikan itu pada lelaki itu"

Therefore,it's not about the destination whether you get there or not.It's all about the journey to get there.

So,dear self and dear friends,let us work our way to be a better slaves of Allah and be a better muslim and muslimah insya-Allah.

Kullu 'aam wa antum bikhair

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