Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bukan Itu Tujuan (1)

Alhamdulillah,today is a very bright day plus a better day indeed as it seems to be much better than the day before(as for myself and I hope others too=D).May Allah bless us as we pursue our life,insya-Allah=)
From the words of our beloved prophet(pbuh):
“Celakalah orang yang hari ini lebih buruk dari hari semalamnya,hari esok lebih buruk dari hari sebelumnya”
I used to scold myself like this, ‘celakanya aku’ each time I feel my day has becoming more and more terrible and horrible.And Asma’ usually will advise me regarding this and one day I told her about this hadith,so I memang celaka when my days are no better than before with reference to this hadith=(.And Asma’ tersenyum..
As the day pass by,I learnt that many of my beloved friends suffered a broken heart.I am very aware of this as they are my most precious friends.To be honest,I do feel being in love is an experience that everybody want to,and long ago I felt that to marry someone that you love is the happiness which everyone’s looking for.
But,after more than 2 decades being His servant but still x ade changes pada status quo,I realize that sesungguhnya solatku,ibadahku,hidupku dan matiku hanya untuk-Mu,ya Allah.The true happiness is being in Allah’s love,devotion of our life only to Allah The Almighty.These are the words that we as Muslims used to recite during performing our prayer 5 times a day (Iftitah prayer).If all of us really understand what meaning this prayer brought,we will at this instance asking His Forgiveness for not being an obedient servant yet He still gives us a healthy body and wealthy life.
At the time I read ‘Ketika Cinta Bertasbih’ written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy,I felt that I was really amazed by the way the writer preached about Islam as he explained a bit about certain feqah method in his book yet it is easy to understand his explanation,thanks to his simple+understandable writing.In this book also I learnt about the existence of Al-Hikam,a book written by scholars of Islam from Iskandaria,Syeikh Ibn Atho’illah.
This scholars said,which motivates me a lot ‘cinta sejati itu menyembuhkan tidak menyakitkan’.That is only the gist extracted.He said‘ tidak ada yang dapat mengusir syahwat atau kecintaan pada kesenangan duniawi selain rasa takut kepada Allah yang menggetarkan hati atau rasa rindu kepada Allah yang membuat hati merana!’
From my understanding,anyone who has fallen in love,most of them will feel that.This means when there’s is an affection,nafs(syahwat) will come in handy.Astaghfirullah..And he said that this feeling can’t be discarded or thrown out from your heart unless you possess two things,first rasa cinta kepada Allah yang very extraordinary which makes your heart throbbing till that only He conquers your heart,no one can take His place and only then other distractions will on its own be discarded.Second,rasa rindu kepada Allah yang amat dahsyat till your heart suffered kerana rasa rindu.Logically,bila kita rindu sgt2 kepada Dia sampai merana,kita takkan mungkin rindu pada selain Dia sebab kita terlalu busy rindukan Dia sampai tak ada masa nak rindu yang lain..
But as we are His servant akhir zaman,having no faith at par with umat terdahulu we are having an illness called miskin cinta Allah,as a result we are being invaded by other illnesses,kaya cinta and rindu pada yang lain,yang belum halal untuk kita ingati plus unqualified to be loved for the time being.
Sahabat,love is not everything but the fact is when we lost our love it is like we lost everything in this world.Betapa sakitnya hati,jiwa and all of the sort.Tapi sahabat,bear in mind that mencintai makhluk memungkinkan kita untuk kehilangannya and when you have them,there is a risk of bidding farewell to them,that is only if you have the chance to bid=).Hanya cinta kepada Allah saja yang tidak.
When you have made confession to someone whom you love there’s a possibility either to be rejected or the other way around.But,when it comes to Allah there’s no such thing like being rejected.It is more worthwhile to be in love with Him rather than being in love with someone whom you yourself doesn’t even know if He is your Mr. Right in the future.Cinta Allahlah yang paling membahagiakan dan menyembuhkan kerana tiada sesiapa yang boleh merampas dan merebutnya.Tidak salah untuk memiliki rasa cinta but then the way we reflect it is always not on the right track.Sahabat,pencinta sejati ialah mereka yang mencintai kerana Allah dan Rasul-Nya,yang mendidik diri untuk bermujahadah in dealing with this matter,yang mengekang sedaya-upaya agar syariat-Nya terjaga.Memang payah,senang cakap and so on tapi when there’s a will there’s a way.Islam tidak pernah memaksa when it comes to beragama(not forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam) but once you are a Muslim,you must by hook or by crook obey the rules and regulations of Islam.
Dear friends,and buat diriku jua,carilah cinta yang lebih baik dan suci berbanding cinta makhluk-Nya yang not permanent,temperory and not long-lasting.Carilah Dia yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang yang always by your side through thick and thin.Dialah Pemberi Kekuatan,pohonlah kepada-Nya kekuatan untuk terus berjihad menjadi seorang Muslim yang much better from before.Bangunlah di tengah malam memohon kekuatan jiwa by performing Tahajjud prayer and solat sunat yang lain.Juga,beristikharahlah dalam apa jua urusan kerana ia digalakkan oleh junjungan besar(s.a.w).
Sahabat(buat diriku jua),memang kita kena berusaha untuk mengubah nasib kita.Jodoh itu di tgn-Nya.Have faith in Him dear fren.Buat muslimah serta diriku y lemah ini,mari kita berusaha menjadi muslimah yang solehah kerana perempuan2 yang baik itu untuk lelaki2 yang baik (An-Nur:26).Yakinlah pada ayat2-Nya.Cintailah Allah dahulu kerana selepas itu barulah kamu berupaya untuk mencintai makhluk-Nya seiring dengan syariat-Nya.Janji-Nya tidak pernah menghampakan,yakinlah!


fairuzsallehuddin said...

lama tak go through ur blog. Its impressive, Subhanallah. Cinta Allah tak menyakitkan. Lets do with tak menyakitkan stuffs!! Yeah:)
And your english is, SubhanAllah. GREAT! Go on, ya ukhti:)

zikrilhakiim said...

alhamdulillah,act biase je..agree,xnk wat bende y mnyakitkan.jom,bersaing merebut cinta-Nya!=)