Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life in MICET..

Upon Syazana’s request(one of my best friend),I will be talking about my newly-registered university.
Made up my mind on pursuing in Chem Eng,I’m now a MICET’s graduate which is one of MARA’s subsidiary,universities.MICET stands for Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology,located about 20 km from Malacca(more or less).It is actually nearer to Tampin though situated in Malacca.
When I first came here,we were sort of into sight-seeing as we got stonewalled,got confused as too many informants yet to no avail.Too many cooks spoil the broth=( but at the very least they were willing to help,thanks=).Then,I called unikl headquarters asking them for MICET.After less than an hour out of our mind searching =D,we arrive there safe and sound.
Having through the registration procedures,I worked my way to the hostel on feet.Exercising in the early 9 am.My newly classmates greeted my mother on the path beside A block showing us where to get the key for my room.I thanked them profusely even though I wasn’t really showing how much I really appreciate their help=P,taken aback of how nice of them to us I mean to a complete new student kind of lost in her first day of registration=).Alhamdulillah..
Almost forgot,I made a new friend,Anis Zafirah during registration.So friendly which made me amazed,really.Plus so nice,=D.Happen to be my roommates.Very talkative,kind of extrovert I guess which total up to 2 things similar with me=p.Alhamdulillah,we get along very well till now and I hope it will last forever,amiin.
At first,there are 6 girls and 8 boys with 8 of them were FAT(foundation) students plus 3 KMS and 3 KMB.Anis and I used to regard ourselves as ex-cream of the cream as we failed to go abroad this January or February 2009=(..nevertheless,what goes around comes around..we learn to appreciate things and strive harder ,be stronger so that this second chances won’t slip away(have to get 50% of an overall average in the first sitting in unikl),otherwise our names will slip down from MARA’s list of sending-student-overseas.

At the beginning,lectures were almost zero in number as lecturers got a lot of things to attend to which make us really scared even not to death=D,as other friends of mine in BMI and IPROM have already started their lessons.As a matter of fact,we are kind of relax gak about classes,really in excited state when lectures being cancelled,got pretty sad if there is a class or extra classes at night compensating the one being cancelled earlier.Yeah,I admit that I become lazy+slow+sleepy at night sometimes but I need to push myself,having the thought of failing to pass with flying colours hits me like being in an aeroplane crashed thousands feet off the ground.My heart did a somersault,as the thought struck in me.I keep on telling myself,whatever happen,I will make it.Not to forget,have to let Him takes care of the rest after all the effort done=)
Sitting at the very front chairs,there won’t be any shielding effect as I have the feeling of absorbing all the valuable words,terms and so on from the very mouth of our lecturers.Very often,laughter grown up in me as the lecturers are soo funny yet lovely and wonderful especially our Phys Chem’s lecturer-Dr. Zainab.Her motherly face plus her naughty yet expressive funny gestures always click open some parts inside me which is the easily tickled+moved+touched part..I usually ending up in her class being some kind of vibrator,both shoulders shaking uncontrollable as I restrain myself not to let the laughters bursting out,not to mention others too..The funniest part is she asked me one day why am I soo happy today(during her lectures)?Some voice inside me blurted out-you brightens my day Dr.Really=)My classmates are very full of humour and we are always laughing,every minutes I think.Very happy and full of laughter=)Alhamdulillah..
Our classmates now are 21 in number.Plus Ija,Illiyyin and GMI’s guys which are Zarul,Ashraf,Fakhri,Ainul and Farid.Ija and Illiyyin are now my roommates besides Anis.We get along very well so far=).Alhamdulillah..So,here we are 21 students struggle very hard to get to Sheffield after failing the first attempt.Owh,Farid is a 15-point holder yet he wants to pursue here as they said he isn’t confident of going to German,the language and all of the sort.At the very least we can ask him for help or reference besides lecturers regarding our subjects=)
Last but not least,I hope we will make it and won’t disappoint MARA again and our parents plus our lecturers too.For the sake of Islam,I need to succeed this time!Insya-Allah,we’ll be working very hard on making this a reality=)


Anonymous said...

dear alina,

i'm so touched that you actually wrote this because of me. i'm sorry that i haven't been here for a long time. i'm glad that you are happy over there. 'Per Ardua ad Astra' means through hardwork to the stars!!!!. dedicate dis quote to you...from your dearest roomate

zikrilhakiim said...

thx a lot syazana..may Allah bless u wherever you go..