Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kali Kedua

As a student,this is the second time where I've to score all the subjects during the exam.Sometimes,I tend to give up but then He always tell me not to by His Words (1:284)..I realized my mistakes during the first time,I am now determined not to repeat the same mistakes because a Mukmin won't do the same mistakes for the second time.

I don't want to just only passing the exam but I want my marks to be more than 95% so that MARA won't have any excuses to not sending us overseas if there's savage economic downturn this end of year.Thanks Fai for reminding me=(..I'm going to make it,insya-Allah=)

I want to succeed so that Islam will have a very strong Mukmin to hold it from falling behind when being attacked by Islam's enemy..I want to be as brave as Khaulah Al Azwar went into the war just for the sake of rescueing her brother,as great as Khadijah r.a.,giving away all her fortunes in expanding da'wah,as smart as 'Aisyah r.a.,so that I can memorize all the hadith and mastered in all field without being secularism pathetic-victims as Islam is the truly way of life.

I want to save my sisters and brothers whose country have been invaded for many years by a very horrible monster who knows only to slaughter innocent people..ya Allah,please bless me so that I would be able to continue my fight without going to retreat..I want to give my best shot in my life as if I'm going to die tomorrow..

Dear friends,do not wasting your time not follow in my footsteps because you then will suffer a very serious damage..may Allah forgives me for all my wrongdoings..

Thanks ya Allah for this second chance..alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah=)


fairuzsallehuddin said...


congrats Alina. Do it all for Allah and u'll be safe.

Islam Taslim kan:)

zikrilhakiim said...

fai-congrats untuk awk gak=)..yup,Islam Taslim=)..fai,doakan kta so that I'll be following in ur footsteps,u know what I mean=)