Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jaulah To Seremban

Ok,yesterday I've been to Seremban with Anis and Wani.We called this as Jaulah,in other words,Trip=)..kak Affizah and her husband picked us up in their Pesona at our hostel and then we went straight to 'Hentian I don't-know-what-its-name'=D..We waited for others as some of them were from KMJ(Tangkak),UiTM(City Campus & Lendu),UTeM,KUTIM and I think that's all..

Kak Affizah as the project director briefed us all about this jaulah,what we have to do and so on..all of us were divided into 6 group as there were 6 cars if I'm not mistaken..I was in a black Unser with Nisa,Husna which were Tajmil's sister (friend in Mara College Seremban),Sakinah,and kak Syuhairah=)..

We were given a task to memorize 2 hadith which also were songs sang by Muadz,Stand Up & 'Amrullah..enthusiastic songs indeed=)

The very first place we stepped our feet in was the office of ISMA,Seremban where I met kak Suria Irdayu,treasurer of PEMBINA Seremban and she said she was looking for me during this jaulah..huhu=)..We were being introduced to Pn. Norlida,Head of ISMA's Women,Seremban and I was very happy because I had eaten a very yummy fried noodles=p..Not having my breakfast yet..

And then,we went to another qudama' house which was Ustazah Fariza.She had a very large house,3 houses in a row,can I say it 3 big double-stories?very large,I could have sweating all the way doing the chores,hehe=)We performed jamak tamam so as to make our jaulah more easier and then we were invited to have our lunch there..delicious dishes,not to forget a very friendly house owner..Then,we met Ustaz Abd Halim,Head of ISMA Seremban which was her husband and he talked a bit about the importance of tarbiyah..alhamdulillah,after this I need to revise myself and lots of maintenance should be done..also,qiamullail should be practiced,insya-Allah..

And then,our last destination,to Dr. Zainon's place..she talked a bit about her involvement in dakwah,and her sadness about only having the chance to read a book entitled 'Dari Beirut ke Jerusalem' this year yet the book was published on's ok Dr..better from me because I just bought it from kak Nabihah=)alhamdulillah..we had a very delicious chicken curry with France bread=p..also with mushroom soup,yummy=D

Last but not least,thanks to kak Affizah for inviting me into this jaulah=)..Insya-Allah,we'll be meeting again in yhe next jaulah..


Anonymous said...

hmm.. hmm..

fairuzsallehuddin said...

alina, teruskan berjaulah ya:D

suka, suka!

zikrilhakiim said...

natasha:hmm..hmm..=)btw,all the tashaa;)

fairuz:ye,insya-Allah..fai,moge pasni kta jumpe dlm keadaan y better frm the point where we start=)..especially tahzan=)