Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today In MICET

Just having usrah and gotten back at about 6.30 maybe..I feel very motivated right now..thanks to kak Affizah for her very interesting plus aspiring stories=)..to know more about her story when she had a chance to meet Aman Palestine's president who just gotten back from Gaza and his experience there,click here

Today we had recited verses 1-16,Chapter 78 which is Surah An-Naba'..so after this you guys can check your precious Al-Quran to browse the meaning ok=)

Yeah and not to forget,I met someone new today..she joined our usrah and this is her final year..her name is kak Farhana and she told me to come to musolla performing congregation prayer for Maghrib and Isya' there..I was quite taken aback as as far as I'm concern I haven't see Muslimah performing their prayer there..very rare..but then she said that she usually go there and she hope that I can go there too=)..Alhamdulillah,all of sudden I kind of getting enough strength to push and drag myself joining her=)..Alhamdulillah,praise be upon Him..can't wait to go there=)


Anonymous said...

hamdanliLlah. rindu mahu semua itu juga :D:D
nak sayapppp. nak terbangg.

zikrilhakiim said...

yeah,i miss them freaking much..can't wait!!but thyen,I manage to perform them with my roommates=)..hope we can keep up=D