Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hari ni pergi ke Dataran Pahlawan to make sure that yin's broadband is working and well-functioned.Alhamdulillah,all the way to Melaka Central nothing get in the way and we (tiqah,haziqah,tasha n her friend-eventually I forgot her name) arrived there safe n sound.

At first,when that broadband was plugged in to my laptop,my kaspersky seemed to block the installation process as the files were to copy into a hidden file bla bla leading to an unsuccessful attempt.But when plugged in to the computer and laptop of Blue Cube's,nothing seemed to be wrong.

Its status:connected plus with HSDPA

I didn't bring the power adapter,with a battery happened to be in a critical state,I decided to go back and come again the next day.

But alhamdulillah,praise be upon Him,The Most Merciful God,when I tried to install it again at the hostel,it happened to be a successful one=)..alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah..Allah tu sangat baik kan?Terima kasih ya Allah..alhamdulillah=))

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