Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have You?

Alhamdulillah done with the deposit payment of Opal 2 which really freaked me out as I was hankering to stay in the city campus yet many got in the way till at one point I really think I had to let it slipped away.Huh,alhamdulillah again.

Hard enough to bear with all the have-to-fill-in-the-form things as the server seemed to have an internal,back to business.These deposit things really made me thinking of my ‘payment’ in order to enter my ‘house’ ‘there’.Huhu.Yess,that very particular house for us to just sit back and having a good rest for our entire life after all the good deeds we’ve done to get into it.Get me?

Though the payment process was taking less than an hour I suppose (for those who had very high-speed internet connection),it took me a very enormous amount of patience to not smashing my sweetie pavilion into pieces as multiple times had I refreshing the page whose appeared to say-page load error!page load error!Lucky me..

Not to mention I had to ym Yin and Tumi (who happen to be sleepy) to join the forces (though indirectly) of battling the whacko server for the sake of having the deposit payment done!Huhu,and I was like having a total nightmare when Zarul said that if I decline the offer to stay in campus,I won’t stand a chance to do so in eons of time,forever and ever!!And for a nano-second I wasn’t able to think,hanged for a while like an ancient computer being lagged behind by the time revolution.

And I was relieved when these were written on the page -successful payment,deposit paid and the payment method had been set up!Huh,what a relieved..

I wonder whether ‘Illiyyin or Sijjin will be handed over to me.Sigh.The Resurrection Day.I tend to forget the real purpose of my existence and I always act like those days wouldn’t come to pick me to be judged.By whom?

Him..of course.

Indeed,lucky me if I got ‘Illiyyin but it would be a complete disaster,for me if I got Sijjin.Na’uzubillah..

7.Sekali-kali jangan begitu!Sesungguhnya catatan orang yang derhaka benar-benar tersimpan dalam Sijjin.

8.Dan tahukah engkau apakah Sijjin itu?

9.(Yaitu) kitab yang berisi catatan (amal).

18.Sekali-kali tidak!Sesungguhnya catatan orang-orang yang berbakti benar-benar tersimpan dalam ‘Illiyyin.

19.Dan tahukah engkau apakah ‘Illiyyin itu?

20.(Yaitu) kitab yang berisi catatan (amal),

21.Yang disaksikan oleh (malaikat-malaikat) yang didekatkan (kepada Allah).(Al-Muthaffifin)

Insya-Allah,will be working towards getting an ‘Illiyyin.So I can enter my ‘house’ to meet and see the Owner of All House!Insya-Allah!Let’s pay now and play later,shall we?=))

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